This morning I stepped on the scale (don’t mind the half painted toes LOL darn pandemic) and started my new life journey. I can’t remember the day I wasn’t struggling with my weight. With my 40th birthday coming in November, I wanted to do something for my self to help me get healthy and after alot of research I finally decided to take a huge leap of faith and get a VGS (Vertical gastric sleeve) done. This is my weight the morning of day 3 of my pre op Diet.  This morning was rough, I wasn’t very hungry but everything smelled so good while my co workers were eating there Bacon, Egg and cheese muffins, Breakfast burrito. But I will resist and continue to strive for what I want.


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If anyone has been following me they know my huge issue with my weight. With the help of Pampered Chef learning how to cook different with tools that make it easier and with lots of research and trial and error I have learned to change how I look at food. I do LOVE food, I love everything about food. The way it taste, smells, looks, even then way it makes me feel. Food is like cocaine to me – HOWEVER food should not revolve around me or my life. This hands down has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to figure out and I still struggle every day with it. I have done so many fad diets that I just wanted a life style change. I started low carb – but no KETO low carb just cut out bread, pasta, Fried food anything that I could look at and say Yeah not the healthiest option, but I still ate fruit and veggies – NO MATTER WHAT KIND, as I felt this is healthy food (and it is don’t get me wrong). But then I plateaued and I was pissed 1 month turned into 2 months and so on, I went from Low carb to low fat then to extreme low calorie (NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR ME), then back to low fat, Then I watched a video on KETOGENIC and decided to give it a shot. I started to use a Keto app called Carb Manager and getting lots of recipes from fellow bloggers. I figured this might help get over my 8th month plateau. I’m still frustrated but now I am making a changes. With my new Keto lifestyle and my new workout routine I hope that I will be able to get over this because I am NOT planning on gaining any ounce of the weight that I have lost back. NO SURGERY just Diet and exercise (YES I SAID THAT AWFUL WORD) But let’s be real you can’t expect to sit on your butt and lose weight for very long. Eventually you will plateau and you need to wake your body up.

So lets talk about that – The big E word – EXERCISE!  I started off doing something I loved DANCE. I have always loved to dance and I found Zumba.  3 of us girls would get together and work out. It was so much fun then one dropped and then the other one and then there was just me… BORING – who wants to workout by themselves. I hated it. So I slowly stopped. Then summer hit and the pool opened and I was back doing something else I loved Swimming. I figured if I’m moving I’m burning calories ( which you are) but I wasn’t burning enough for the calories I was eating so I gain back almost 10lbs – I was devastated and frustrated in my self and my poor husband got the blunt of it. (it was not the best month of my married – but it was my fault). Then a friend asked if she could come work out – I was so happy and excited that a friend wanted to come join me. So that gave me motivation to start butt kicking again however she tried her hardest at Zumba but does not have the best coordination. So one day I said lets go for a run (walking really fast). I found that I loved it and I didn’t need someone there to keep me company. Mind you the company is oh so very nice but I could turn on my music and just walk. So off the 10lbs goes and I’m back to where I was.. STUCK. But now I found something that I love to do – NEVER in a million years would I think that I like to run ( WOGGLE – Walking Jogging) but I DO. I push my self to go do at least 2 miles everyday. I haven’t lost any more weight but that’s okay because at least I’m not gaining weight. I would love to see the scale 1 day under 200 and I know I will get there, It just might take me longer then I wanted.

What exercise do you love? Have you found one or many that you might love? Whats stopping you from just getting up off the couch and move? Do you have limitation? I want to hear from you!


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Pampered Chef

I am super super excited to announce my new business  that I have started. I am now a fantastic Pampered Chef Consultant – Your personal Pampered Chef lady to help make dinner great again and bring families back around the kitchen table. I have worked hard with my own family to do this and now that we have that down I am working to make other family take time for each other and sit and eat dinner or breakfast or even lunch around that table again. Health Meals for a healthy Family. 

My Body – Your Body

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. I honestly just forgot about trying to post every month and I just felt that I didn’t have anything important to talk about. One of my best friend “A” always seems to have something to say. Every morning she has coffee thoughts and has a statement or has a opinion about something that is going on in this world. But for me I always have lots of thoughts going on in my head but most of them I don’t feel I should share and when I do share it then I wish there I could go back and delete it or erase it.

So….. Here you go…. Why is it so hard to accept who we are.. Why is it so hard to love the body we are in.. I for one is one of the worst critics that you can find about my self. I know that I am very hard on my self and I never seem to love anything about me (besides my eyes, I have always loved my eyes) But for me I want more then just my eyes.. I want my smile, my boobs, my thighs, my stomach.,….. The list is endless of things that I would love to love about my body, and for those skinny girls out there that I so wish I could look like, they too have body issues and things about there body that they don’t like too. Its not just about how big or how small you all. WE ALL HAVE BODY IMAGE ISSUES..

People say that it has to do with the media and what they show is beautiful but I don’t really think that is all true.. I think people have an idea of what they love. My husband for one is a man who loves bigger girls. Yes just like any man he thinks that a skinnier girl lets say Angelina Jolie is beautiful but he says he wouldn’t want to have sex with her as it would be like having sex with a hard piece of wood. There is nothing to her and he said that he would be worried that he would break her as he is a bigger guy.  So then why? Why if you have some men that love bigger girls and some love smaller girls why is it that so many woman have body issues and do guys have body issues too? Do guys think about there body and there weight as a female does? Is it because they guys we find attractive doesn’t find us attractive? or that the men that find us attractive we aren’t that hot for?.. or is it really the media and TV and what they portray as sexy. Do we want all the men in the world to find us so attractive that we are willing to put are bodies through so much crap just to feel good about our self.

SO WHAT DO YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE? Are you a fluffy lover? a skinny lover? a muscler person? tall, short, bald, hair? all of these options are there? and does it go beyond looks.. Do you first look at someone and then they get better or worse the more you know them or if you find out they have money or no money does that change how attractive you find them?

I for one have a handsome man who the first time I saw him come out of a shower made my heart skip a beat and over the past 11 years though weight gain and weight loss, and more grey hair that I could ever count – I find him more attractive then I have ever have ( especially when he is all shaved and showered and smell oh so good ) When he takes me in his big arms and uses his muscles to pick me up ) to me he is more then just looks – he is the whole package, and for me that’s what I like. I want the whole package. I didn’t want a guy just on looks alone – I wanted a guy that had it all. Looks, brains, compassion, and a little muscle.

What kind of person do you have? what is there best qualities?

If you don’t have someone – then what are you looking for in that everlasting love?


Life Lessons – Blabbing

Do you ever wonder about Life? I mean not the meaning of life but why are some people one way and why are some another way. Don’t get me wrong I get it.. If we where all the same then we would be robots. But lets talk about life and people..

So for me I have a mouth and a lot of times my mouth gets me in trouble.. Its not that I cuss or anything like that but I just don’t know when to shut up sometimes. I repeat what others have told me when I think its funny just to find out that someone thought it was mean and then they blame me for it.. and yes I did say it but I repeated it and it didn’t even come from my brain and when I said it I even quoted the person who I heard it from. But that’s not what people hear.. They hear me saying it……… Not the quote or anything that went along with the conversation just the one little part they chose to hear coming out of my mouth. Or they only ease drop on a part of the conversation and the little bite that they heard they now run with it…  They now have a part of a conversation that sounded like I was mean but in reality if they heard the whole conversation then they would have found out I was NOT being mean I was truly being nice. Then that person tells the person it was about what little they heard or what they wanted to hear and made there feelings get hurt.. Which was NEVER my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.. I am FAR from perfect but I try my hardest to I never purposely sets out to hurt someone else. I have had enough hurt in my life that I would not EVER want that for someone else NO MATTER WHAT.  But my question is WHY – Even if you heard me say something mean about someone why spread it or tell that person.. If I came to you and told you what mean things others say about you I’m sorry but your feelings would get hurt to.. But once again I”M not like that.. People need time to vent and just because you are frustrated with them today doesn’t mean that’s how you feel. But that also doesn’t give anyone permission to just go blab there mouth and tell other people what was said about them. Keep it to YOUR SELF…  Because one day it will come bite you in the ASS and its gonna hurt.. I know my feelings got hurt and now I’m down 2 friends because of it… My mouth is closed….

Weight Loss – THM

For those who follow me, read my Facebook, Instagram and any other online media things. You all know that I am always trying new fad diets or weight loss techniques.. I do good for quite some time then… Back to the drawing board with no luck.. I am how ever convinced that I can loose weight and do this with out any surgeries. I have tried Weight watcher, Adkins, Advocare, ACGC, and Various other Low fat, low carb,  Low this , low that fad diets…

So now I’m gonna try Trim Healthy Mama (THM) – I have done alot of research and reading what others have to say about it so I hope that this is something that will work for us.. John ( my dear sweet husband) has stood by me through it all and has been there supporting me and even doing some of them with me.. So tonight was the night I was going to tell him about it.. And once again he stood there and again say “what ever you want honey, I will try anything with you if it makes you happy”. What a great husband he is.. So I ordered my books and now the wait for the books to come to read them…………..

More info to come once the books come and I get a chance to read the whole book……


Update on my weight loss – I am now at 275lbs Whoop whoop

Down 18lbs

Name My New Salon



Hey Yall,  For those who follow me – I have lots of stuff that I am part of but what most don’t know is that I do hair. I love doing hair, I have done hair since I was 17 and did hair for 13 year straight before going to nursing school. So now I do hair out of my house. I am to the point that I would love to advertise to my friends that I can do there hair out of my house (AKA – my garage ) . So with that said – I have decided to do a contest.. The winner of this contest will get a free Partial Highlights or a all over color ( shoulder length and shorter is free – additional price for extra long hair)

Rules –

  1. Only 2 entries per person
  2. Please comment below what you would like to name it.
  3. I would love to have both or all of the loves of my life added to the name ( so nursing with fire with ems with hair and motorcycle)
  4. the funnier the better..
  5.  If you have a idea on graphics for a business I would love to see it or hear from you too..
  6.  The more unique the better – I would love to have a unique name, one that hasn’t been done 50 thousand times.



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Silhouette Projects

My life today has been one Silhouette project after another.. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I love everything about it, there is so much things you can do with it. Today I made a sign for my kitchen, one for my front porch and one for my living room. I did a lot of looking into the Silhouette before I bought one as there was 2 options, for those who don’t know the big named ones out there are Silhouette or Cricket. There was several things about the Silhouette that I liked. For instance I could take any image and make it a cut file, which I liked as I had a specific idea of a image I wanted to make for a pallet project I wanted to do. Which I couldn’t do with a Cricket – so I bought a Silhouette.. I wanted to find one that had the most extras for the least amount of money but also a trusted site. I honestly couldn’t tell you where I ordered it from.

So back to the projects of the day… I am very patient when it comes to finding the right one I want to do.. There are so many out there I have to wait tell one jumps out and says ” THIS ONE YOU IDIOT!!!!”


I got the tray from Walmart for $4.00 and came home and stained the wood with my good old favorite Walnut.. Then I used a cut file I got and stenciled on with Antique acrylic paint..  I am not a huge fan of the look of Vinyl – I use it don’t get me wrong but there is a time and a place for shinny vinyl and this project is just not one of them.



Then there was this monster of a sign.. About a month ago I wanted to paint a sunflower so I watched a couple videos and this is what I got. I wasn’t sure at the time what I wanted to put on it – My thought was something to do with spring and then today the WELCOME jumped out and said “idiot put this on the sign” So with some research this is what I got.. It is now sitting on my front porch..




It was very time consuming – I got the mirror at a garage sale last year for I think a dollar and its been sitting in my garage for some time now – trying different ideas on what to do with it. So as I was searching my cut files on the Silhouette program on my computer I ran across a dandelion. I love dandelions and I was just telling my family as we where putting weed killer on the ground that I think they are more then just a weed that they are a bunch of little wishes.. My husband said “yeah annoying wishes that spread like crazy..” so when I found this cut file I knew that this is the one for me and I had just the perfect spot for it..


I have done a lot of different little signs and you can see all of them at L&L Designs  but I would have to say that this is my all time favorite. Do you have a favorite quote or sign that you would like to share?

Update to Christmas Eve Food

Well like I said I would update you all on the food that we tried on Christmas eve…  So here is the low down….. The ham and swiss rolls where amazing, I loved them my husband on the other hand not so much.

The meatballs where awesome – I ended up making 2 different kinds. 1 was the bbq meatballs it was just okay.. The 2nd one was the chili sauce and grape jelly… I was AMAZING…

The bacon wrapped little smokes where awesome too..

The mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil – was a hit with me but not so much with anyone else.. Thats okay.. More for me.. =)



This is the only Christmas crack that I tried to make..  Christmas Crack I did it exactly how it said and for some reason mine came out very sticky.. Oh well it was still yummy…




These are little shortbread cookies called Jingle Bites. Super easy and yummy.. And great for kids to make.. This is my daughter holding her plate of Jingle Bites that she made..  This is where I got the recipe for the  Jingle Bites




This is what the ham and cheese pinwheels turned out, before I cooked them.. I was so exited to eat them that I forgot to take a picture of them.. Yummy..