Life Lessons – Blabbing

Do you ever wonder about Life? I mean not the meaning of life but why are some people one way and why are some another way. Don’t get me wrong I get it.. If we where all the same then we would be robots. But lets talk about life and people..

So for me I have a mouth and a lot of times my mouth gets me in trouble.. Its not that I cuss or anything like that but I just don’t know when to shut up sometimes. I repeat what others have told me when I think its funny just to find out that someone thought it was mean and then they blame me for it.. and yes I did say it but I repeated it and it didn’t even come from my brain and when I said it I even quoted the person who I heard it from. But that’s not what people hear.. They hear me saying it……… Not the quote or anything that went along with the conversation just the one little part they chose to hear coming out of my mouth. Or they only ease drop on a part of the conversation and the little bite that they heard they now run with it…  They now have a part of a conversation that sounded like I was mean but in reality if they heard the whole conversation then they would have found out I was NOT being mean I was truly being nice. Then that person tells the person it was about what little they heard or what they wanted to hear and made there feelings get hurt.. Which was NEVER my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.. I am FAR from perfect but I try my hardest to I never purposely sets out to hurt someone else. I have had enough hurt in my life that I would not EVER want that for someone else NO MATTER WHAT.  But my question is WHY – Even if you heard me say something mean about someone why spread it or tell that person.. If I came to you and told you what mean things others say about you I’m sorry but your feelings would get hurt to.. But once again I”M not like that.. People need time to vent and just because you are frustrated with them today doesn’t mean that’s how you feel. But that also doesn’t give anyone permission to just go blab there mouth and tell other people what was said about them. Keep it to YOUR SELF…  Because one day it will come bite you in the ASS and its gonna hurt.. I know my feelings got hurt and now I’m down 2 friends because of it… My mouth is closed….

Weight Loss – THM

For those who follow me, read my Facebook, Instagram and any other online media things. You all know that I am always trying new fad diets or weight loss techniques.. I do good for quite some time then… Back to the drawing board with no luck.. I am how ever convinced that I can loose weight and do this with out any surgeries. I have tried Weight watcher, Adkins, Advocare, ACGC, and Various other Low fat, low carb,  Low this , low that fad diets…

So now I’m gonna try Trim Healthy Mama (THM) – I have done alot of research and reading what others have to say about it so I hope that this is something that will work for us.. John ( my dear sweet husband) has stood by me through it all and has been there supporting me and even doing some of them with me.. So tonight was the night I was going to tell him about it.. And once again he stood there and again say “what ever you want honey, I will try anything with you if it makes you happy”. What a great husband he is.. So I ordered my books and now the wait for the books to come to read them…………..

More info to come once the books come and I get a chance to read the whole book……


Update on my weight loss – I am now at 275lbs Whoop whoop

Down 18lbs

Name My New Salon



Hey Yall,  For those who follow me – I have lots of stuff that I am part of but what most don’t know is that I do hair. I love doing hair, I have done hair since I was 17 and did hair for 13 year straight before going to nursing school. So now I do hair out of my house. I am to the point that I would love to advertise to my friends that I can do there hair out of my house (AKA – my garage ) . So with that said – I have decided to do a contest.. The winner of this contest will get a free Partial Highlights or a all over color ( shoulder length and shorter is free – additional price for extra long hair)

Rules –

  1. Only 2 entries per person
  2. Please comment below what you would like to name it.
  3. I would love to have both or all of the loves of my life added to the name ( so nursing with fire with ems with hair and motorcycle)
  4. the funnier the better..
  5.  If you have a idea on graphics for a business I would love to see it or hear from you too..
  6.  The more unique the better – I would love to have a unique name, one that hasn’t been done 50 thousand times.



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Silhouette Projects

My life today has been one Silhouette project after another.. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I love everything about it, there is so much things you can do with it. Today I made a sign for my kitchen, one for my front porch and one for my living room. I did a lot of looking into the Silhouette before I bought one as there was 2 options, for those who don’t know the big named ones out there are Silhouette or Cricket. There was several things about the Silhouette that I liked. For instance I could take any image and make it a cut file, which I liked as I had a specific idea of a image I wanted to make for a pallet project I wanted to do. Which I couldn’t do with a Cricket – so I bought a Silhouette.. I wanted to find one that had the most extras for the least amount of money but also a trusted site. I honestly couldn’t tell you where I ordered it from.

So back to the projects of the day… I am very patient when it comes to finding the right one I want to do.. There are so many out there I have to wait tell one jumps out and says ” THIS ONE YOU IDIOT!!!!”


I got the tray from Walmart for $4.00 and came home and stained the wood with my good old favorite Walnut.. Then I used a cut file I got and stenciled on with Antique acrylic paint..  I am not a huge fan of the look of Vinyl – I use it don’t get me wrong but there is a time and a place for shinny vinyl and this project is just not one of them.



Then there was this monster of a sign.. About a month ago I wanted to paint a sunflower so I watched a couple videos and this is what I got. I wasn’t sure at the time what I wanted to put on it – My thought was something to do with spring and then today the WELCOME jumped out and said “idiot put this on the sign” So with some research this is what I got.. It is now sitting on my front porch..




It was very time consuming – I got the mirror at a garage sale last year for I think a dollar and its been sitting in my garage for some time now – trying different ideas on what to do with it. So as I was searching my cut files on the Silhouette program on my computer I ran across a dandelion. I love dandelions and I was just telling my family as we where putting weed killer on the ground that I think they are more then just a weed that they are a bunch of little wishes.. My husband said “yeah annoying wishes that spread like crazy..” so when I found this cut file I knew that this is the one for me and I had just the perfect spot for it..


I have done a lot of different little signs and you can see all of them at L&L Designs  but I would have to say that this is my all time favorite. Do you have a favorite quote or sign that you would like to share?

Update to Christmas Eve Food

Well like I said I would update you all on the food that we tried on Christmas eve…  So here is the low down….. The ham and swiss rolls where amazing, I loved them my husband on the other hand not so much.

The meatballs where awesome – I ended up making 2 different kinds. 1 was the bbq meatballs it was just okay.. The 2nd one was the chili sauce and grape jelly… I was AMAZING…

The bacon wrapped little smokes where awesome too..

The mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil – was a hit with me but not so much with anyone else.. Thats okay.. More for me.. =)



This is the only Christmas crack that I tried to make..  Christmas Crack I did it exactly how it said and for some reason mine came out very sticky.. Oh well it was still yummy…




These are little shortbread cookies called Jingle Bites. Super easy and yummy.. And great for kids to make.. This is my daughter holding her plate of Jingle Bites that she made..  This is where I got the recipe for the  Jingle Bites




This is what the ham and cheese pinwheels turned out, before I cooked them.. I was so exited to eat them that I forgot to take a picture of them.. Yummy..

Nerf Party 2016

2016 has started off pretty well.. Tonight I am celebrating my sons 10th birthday – He has 4 friends spending the night and right now they are having a Nerf gun fight in the basement. I hung plastic table clothes up from the ceiling that way they had hiding spots and we put a extra table down stairs so they have more to hide under and around. So far it seems like a hit.

1674_10208012603533765_8610886758237847984_n 1509895_10208012603333760_7532175371665330461_n

Boys will be boys – Having fun shooting each other..







Hiding behind the curtain trying not to be shot by the hundreds of bullets flying in the air..

Christmas Eve 2015

I went to bed last night with the thought that I would sleep in and wake up refreshed.. Well of course just like normal my body had other options. 5 am and I am laying in bed wide awake thinking about the food that I need to start making. So I thought today would be a great day to share what I am going to once again attempt at making. So today I will be making ham pinwheels that are baked and the covered in some kind of mustered honey sauce with poppi seed..  then I will make a couple different kinds of meatballs. One is a chili sauce and grape jelly.. I have never made that so I thought it would be a good recipe to try. Then little smokes wrapped in bacon and last but never least some teriyaki wings.

When it comes to food my life has been about trying new recipes I find on Pinterest most fail and I should really right a post about all the Pinterest fails I have had. I might make some of you laugh.

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies – I used the bottom recipe – which is a stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar

Ham and Swiss Roll Ups  – I went to this site and followed there directions.

Meatballs with chili sauce and grape Jelly – I only used the Chili sauce and grape jelly proportion ratio off this site.

Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Salad  – This is my version of it. I would have to say it looks very very yummy, but who am I to judge this is my all time favorite thing to eat. I could just say it went bad and eat it now.. But I will be a good girl and not do that. 12435310_10206741902038425_406521483_o (1)

So here are some of the recipes that I will follow today.  Hope you enjoy cooking.. and I hope that each and everyone of you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, fantastic New Year…. See you all in 2016.

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Wood Stain and H2O Does Not Play Well Together..

I have been busy working away in the garage now that the weather is slowly cooling down and its not 150 degrees in the garage.  With Christmas quickly approaching and my first ever craft fair. I have been searching and searching Pinterest to find that perfect project to start working on. I came across this blog about wood word blocks and I got a idea… Yeah that doesn’t look so hard I can totally do this.. So here is the link…

Christmas Block Inspiration

Christmas Block Inspiration – place #2

I think though well I could do a couple at a time , I cut all my pieces like the website said and did a couple different ones on my own.. Being creative with my cuts..



Since I decided to do a 3 different once I pulled out my favorite stain.. During this time I realized that I didn’t have so much stain left so I thought (“if I add water to paint it thins it out and I get a little more paint, not as dark but it still works, so I thought if add water to the stain then it would thin it out and I would get more stain- Right.. Wrong!!!!”)




What you don’t see is that awful oil spill looking stain that is now floating on top of that water because it did NOT mix… Oh what a mess did this make… So I thought I can’t let all this go to waste so I tried to use it..

It was so awful.. It was such a mess and since I couldn’t get it to mix the wood only stained where the stain touched. So half the wood got stained while to other half just got wet..

I worked and worked and worked to try and get my wood to stain. Finally after about 3 hrs of flipping wood I got just enough on the wood to be happy with it.. But it was such a waste of my day and my stain..


They are not as dark as what I was hopping for but at least I was able to get it done and not waste the little bit of stain that I had.. Next time I will go back to the normal way of staining and wipe them down.




Over all I learned some great valuable lessons.. Do not in anyway shape or form mix water and stain together thinking that it will thin out.. WRONG!!!! All it does is make a oil slick of stain…  Now on to making my word blocks..

Journey Continues

The Journey of weight loss is something that I think I will always be on. No matter how big or how small I am I will continue to work on my weight. Its the one thing I know I will always struggle with. God has given people such great talent to create and make great food that it makes it so hard to say no. But I have learned that it is possible. The only problem I have ran in to is when I do say No I think about it and I think about I think about what it could taste like or what the deliciousness is in my mouth and I do get a little sad or feel a little deprived but that only last a minute and then all of that is gone and I move on. Because for me I think about that is so many calories that are not going into my body.

I am as of today down 6lbs, I was down 10 lbs but I went on a mini vacation and took my kids to Great wolf Lodge and well ate some good pizza and tacos so I gained a couple pounds back. But for me that okay – because I know starting tomorrow I will get back on that horse and do it again and every time I have a day that I fall off I will do I again and again. Nothing is going to stop me from trying to loose the extra weight I carry and I will always fight for the body I want.

So today I will say no to large portions and high fat foods and TODAY I will fight for the “Holy Hell You Got Hot” moment…

?????? Is will you join me in this moment??????

The Journey Starts Today

The Journey starts today – Well its started yesterday but I lost track of time yesterday and didn’t have time to write….So………

I have decided to start a life changing journey.. I am a plus size girl – for honestly all of my life. There has never been a time in my life that I could remember not being a big girl. I have yoyoed so much in my life that I am sick of it. I am sick of having a box of skinny jeans and then when I get to that point having a box of fat jeans.. I’m done with that. So today is the day I decide to change my life. I will not be the girl that can’t fit into anything or has to shop at the plus size area because the other sizes don’t fit.. But for me I’m not going to get surgery.. Have I thought about it.. Yes, would it be something that I would consider doing yes. But I am also a ER nurse so I see all the complications that one in from it. People that have had the surgery say that they didn’t take the easy way out and it was hard, but my opinion is it is the easy way out. Instead of your body naturally shrinking your stomach from not eating so much or eating healthier you chose to have your stomach stapled or cut or cinched like a rubber band. But I am in no place to judge someone and if thats what they need to get on the right track and to be a healthy then so be it.

So For Me Today I start my journey.. There is so many Diet options out there how can you pick or know which one to pick but for me I have done so many I wanted to pick one that was a hole life style change. Something that I know I can pick and stick too.. Each one has so many great benefits – 1. Low carb, its a fast weight loss option but its not the best on my body. I have pains in places that I have not ever had pains. But some other things like my gas issue goes away 2. Weight watchers – Low fat, is more of a life style change as it teaches you portion control due to the point system. I hate hate hate counting points but I love the I have no points left to eat anything else today. So each one has great advantages to it.

Another thing we should talk about is weighing, when do you weigh? Are you a first thing in the morning weigh-er or are you a right before bed weigh-er? and why if you weigh your self right before bed you end up weighing more? It makes no since to me.. It makes no since why but for some reason it does make since..

For me Pinterest has been my friend.. Honestly when has Pinterest not been there for anything I am researching and it always gives me so many great options and advice..  There is so many diet ideas and topics that no matter what you are looking for I can guarantee that you can find it on Pinterest.

This is NOT going to happen over night and I may not always do the right thing or to eat the right food but maybe just maybe one day I will look back and know that I did it.. I got to the weight that I would love to be..and that moment in my life will be one of the top 5 best days of our life. So in the meantime I will keep you all updated and when that day comes trust me I will have pictures to share….

So in looking for some new recipes to go with my new journey I have found some great quotes.. So I hope you find them helpful in your journey.











******** I would love to hear from you *******

What is the best advice that you can give to a plus size girl like me.. 

I am 5’5 and my BMI is 47.85 –

I know its awful, But that’s why I have decided to once again jump on the wagon and try again.