Industrial Bathroom Shelf

As you all know I have been working on making a industrial shelf for the bathroom. I have had some people ask me how much did it cost me to make this shelf, So I thought since I forgot to post it in Post 1 about making this shelf that I would include it in this post. So to make this shelf cost less then $20.00. It would have even cost less then $10.00 but I had to buy some items like goo gone and oil rubbed spray paint. My first post was about getting all those stupid sticky ooey gooey stickers off the pipes. Here is a picture of the stickers they put on the pipes.


If you choose not to leave it the natural color you buy you can spray paint it, For me I wanted it a Oiled Rubbed Bronze color – so I first put it all together to make sure that all I had everything I needed.


Then on to spray painting it – I hung a wire up between 2 post then just hung it on the wire – that way I could get to all sides of it and didn’t have to touch it. 20150518_174222

While it is drying I start on my boards – You want to cut or find 2 boards that you want to use. I was lucky enough that I found 2 boards the length I wanted in the cheep wood pile at Menards, they also had 1 side already sanded and ready to stain. I did however sand the underside of them, just to make them a little smoother and more appealing to the eye if you where to ever look at the underside of the shelf.  I chose the color Special Walnut for my boards.

20150518_164642 20150518_172103

I like my wood dark but not to dark where it doesn’t let the light parts of the wood show through. Once it dries then I cut whole it in. I measured where the pipes where to where you want your wood shelf to sit. If I where to make this again, I do cut my holes first then stain. As I had to re-stain parts of the wood after I cut the holes in the wood.

Once everything dries it time to assemble –

20150525_101438 20150525_101524

Once Everything is level and back together it is time to hang on the wall. Please don’t make fun of  the ugly wallpaper in my bathroom, as I am still working on removing all the wallpaper in the house and this is my last room I’m doing.   Here it is – The Finish product. My sweet husband thought I should take a picture of it with stuff on it so you get the full effect of the shelf..


????  Got Questions ???? 

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Let me take a Selfie!

So I tent do be a photo junky, I love everything that  a photo represents. From the reason why you take a photo to the countless memories you have when you sit down and relook at photos. Sometime you have photos and you have no clue why you ever took that particular photo or what was crossing in your head when you did take that photo. Sometime I wish photos came with a instant thought captain that came across the back of it or something – something that triggered your memory on why you took this particular picture. Now photos with friends and relatives in them, well that’s a no brainer – but I also take pictures of other things, and there are time when I look at them later and wonder ” what did I ever find beautiful in this ?”  Well to each there own..

Lets talk about selfie – Selfie seem to be something that has exploded over the last couple of years.. When I was a kid I don’t remember it ever being like this. I remember how funny it was to try and take a so called “selfie” with the long skinny cameras and when you got your film developed it was half of a eye or the top quarter of your head cause you just had to guess on where the lens was to you. Now we have every thoughtable electronic with not only 1 camera on it but 2. One for you to take pictures of friends and family. And 1 of course for Selfies…

For me, I tend to love selfies – 1 because there kinda fun and 2 because I like to take pictures with my friends – who wants to be the person behind the camera – you want the memory of that photo with you in it too.. One of the things I have learned to love is my selfie stick. ( I know laugh now… ) I can’t help it – it was one of the funniest moments of my life when it came in the mail.. I decided in December of 2014 that I was going to buy my self a selfie stick…. This is the one I bought….    k2-_2e2d91d3-18e1-4d1b-84f2-047a6f435cb4_v2

So I get this selfie stick in the mail and I am so excited I take it out of the box and hook it up right then and there. MY Life as you know it changed.. LOL.. Okay so maybe not life altering but pretty close.. all of a sudden the world is so far.. I can now take pictures of me and my friends with out my face being so close to the screen.. I think Life is great.. Blue tooth – hit a button and poof 4 ft away and a beautiful picture arose…  20141201_082252(0) Oh yeah – that me trying to use this stupid stick.. My Friend Adrianne is just staring at me at this point as I fumble through the buttons trying to figure this out.. But then this happened..   20141201_082303   First photo great no problem… Then I decide to take a selfie with my selfie stick…  20141201_082416  That didn’t turn out the best… Then the giggles started.. I have a hard stopping when I get the giggles… The selfie stick experience was one of the funniest things I have ever used in my life.. 20141201_082329 20141201_082347

I only got to use it about 1 more time before the end fell out of it and it was garbage.. But for the $10-15 dollars that I paid for this selfie stick – The laughter that I had with it was so worth it. I do think I will buy another and I do wish that it was made better,,  But now a days things aren’t made to last.. Just the photos that we take are what makes the memories unforgettable.

The possibilities of the selfie stick are endless…..!!!!!! 


Bathroom Industrial Metal Shelf


So I have decided to make this bathroom industrial metal shelf – I went to Menards and found all the pieces for about 20 dollars. I am now in the process of sitting here on the floor for 2 hours taking goof off to the stupid stickers that they put on all of the little pieces of metal. It not just a basic sticker, Oh no – its packing tape that they wrapped around the hole tube along with a self stick price sticker.. Like the sticker wasn’t stuck enough. There is so much ooey & gooey sticky mess on these pipes its ridicules. So my question to you all is have you ever had to remove these stickers? If so what did you find worked the best? Also when you buy pipe like this do you go to your local hardware store or do you order from some place online and pay for the shipping? ( Wish I would have thought about taking a picture while I was sitting on the carpet scrubbing the pipes – oh well there is always next time and trust me there will be a next time.)

My Very First Blog/Post

Lori’s Little Bits Blog was created on a rainy night in May 2015. I have always wanted to have a blog – honestly for year but I have always thought that no one would ever want to read about what I have to say. So tonight John (my husband) and I were talking and I just happen to finally mention this life thought of mine and he said why not. So I thought ok! Lets make a blog. Who care if no one ever reads it, but what if, what if one person stumbles across this blog and decides to read it and if they find one helpful thought or topic or story in your blog that has made their life better, don’t you think that its worth it.

So today I made my first blog, and you know it was kinda fun and made me feel accomplished. The hardest part of doing a blog is what to name it. I told John that I wanted to call it, Motorcycle loven tattooed crafty nurse mom, But John said that was to long of a name for someone to remember, so I went and read another persons blog about figuring out a name for your blog, and after reading it, the biggest thing it talked about was what do you want your blog to say about you. What does it mean and stand for, Well my blog is about me, my wonderful family and all the little bits that make the world go around and of course the little bits of advice I can give along the way. So Lori’s Little Bits was born.

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