Bathroom Industrial Metal Shelf


So I have decided to make this bathroom industrial metal shelf – I went to Menards and found all the pieces for about 20 dollars. I am now in the process of sitting here on the floor for 2 hours taking goof off to the stupid stickers that they put on all of the little pieces of metal. It not just a basic sticker, Oh no – its packing tape that they wrapped around the hole tube along with a self stick price sticker.. Like the sticker wasn’t stuck enough. There is so much ooey & gooey sticky mess on these pipes its ridicules. So my question to you all is have you ever had to remove these stickers? If so what did you find worked the best? Also when you buy pipe like this do you go to your local hardware store or do you order from some place online and pay for the shipping? ( Wish I would have thought about taking a picture while I was sitting on the carpet scrubbing the pipes – oh well there is always next time and trust me there will be a next time.)

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