My Very First Blog/Post

Lori’s Little Bits Blog was created on a rainy night in May 2015. I have always wanted to have a blog – honestly for year but I have always thought that no one would ever want to read about what I have to say. So tonight John (my husband) and I were talking and I just happen to finally mention this life thought of mine and he said why not. So I thought ok! Lets make a blog. Who care if no one ever reads it, but what if, what if one person stumbles across this blog and decides to read it and if they find one helpful thought or topic or story in your blog that has made their life better, don’t you think that its worth it.

So today I made my first blog, and you know it was kinda fun and made me feel accomplished. The hardest part of doing a blog is what to name it. I told John that I wanted to call it, Motorcycle loven tattooed crafty nurse mom, But John said that was to long of a name for someone to remember, so I went and read another persons blog about figuring out a name for your blog, and after reading it, the biggest thing it talked about was what do you want your blog to say about you. What does it mean and stand for, Well my blog is about me, my wonderful family and all the little bits that make the world go around and of course the little bits of advice I can give along the way. So Lori’s Little Bits was born.

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