4th of July – Wood Sign

As most of you know I love most anything vintage or rustic looking. I have even fallen in love with some industrial items. One of the most fabulous things that I have learned about myself is that I defiantly love to make all of these things. So my friend Lacey and I decided that we where going to make some. Our first go at it together we decided to make a 4th of July sign.

20150602_214527   So here is the first sign we did.. I love it and I don’t think its to shabby.

I also decided that we should do one with white letters just to see which one I like better and while we worked on sign number 2 I thought I should share with you are adventure and DIY if you ever want to make one yourself. Also we have decided that we would be willing to sell them if you feel like buying it instead of making one. You can email me and I will get back with you ASAP…

Steps to make your own 4th of July Sign.




Safety First – Gotta put on those safety classes.



20150602_215754 20150602_215722 Start with 3 pieces of wood (you may need to cut them to length. Hence the safety glasses)




Then its time to screw the back on. One screw for each board – you want to make sure that the screws do NOT go through the front of the board sign.


20150602_220254Time to paint and write you words, after it all drys I sand it a little (in some spots a lot) so it looks distressed and not so new.  I got vinyl letters from walmart. Painted the boards all white put the vinyl letters on then painted over the letters with the correct color of the board. Once dried – time to peel off the vinyl letters.


20150602_220657Then its time to add some pretties – I got a bag of wood stars and painted them. The bag of stars came in 3 sizes. In this photo there is the large ( Red Star) and small star (Blue), I then sanded them too, so they looked a little rough.




HERE IS THE FINAL RESULT…  LOVE LOVE LOVE How it turned out.. What do you think??

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