Making a Pallet Bench DIY

OMG! So I started this kick of making things.. I have found a true joy in making things with my hands. I love looking at things that people have made and doing my own spin on it, or taking 2 and put them into one.. You know I like it but I don’t love it concept.. So I take the “what I love” from this project and that project and then make my own.

With that said.. Here are some projects that I have been working on..

Project 1 my biggest project to date.. I made a pallet bench.. 20150629_124815

So of coarse all of my stuff pretty much comes off of Pinterest or Etsy..  So here is the line where I found the basic DIY plans for making my pallet Bench  ->>>> Pallet Bench. 

My DIY Pallet Bench plans was to take pictures as I go and show you step by step on how to make it, the errors I learned and things I would so do differently next time…. But I was so excited to make it that I forgot to take pictures. oh well, I will do it with the next one I make.

So the other day I thought it was time to part with it and sell it so I decided to stain it. 11756846_10205832460262949_1425188639_o So here it is stained and ready to go into someone yard. If I had to do over, I don’t think I would stain it.. I think I would just do a clear protective coat on it and then leave it natural color.

Then the thought came up is well how much do I sell this beautiful pallet bench for.. I had no clue.. I researched some others that I have seen made and I think because I will not ship it.. ( unless someone wants to pay for it shipped) I will sell this beautiful bench for $100.00 – Now its time to wait and see if this is something someone would love to own in there yard..

Stay at Home Mom VS Work

I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, my hole life that is what I always dreamed about. Being a mom and to top it off being a stay a home mom. Then I had my first kid – I thought sure I can do this, my sweet husband wanted to give me every chance to fulfill what I thought was my life dream of being a stay at home mom. I was in love with my husband even more at this moment in our life, just because he tried to give me my dream. We where able to do this for about  year and I was so bored – yes I loved my new little bundle of joy and watching him grow up the first year was great. But I had no friends that lived close and my husband worked nights and for me I felt so alone. I tried doing mommy and me activities and MOPS to get involved with other moms but it was not for me. Its hard to connect to a bunch of moms whose lives seem so perfect and who drive nice expensive cars, everyone was super nice but I felt that I had nothing and I mean nothing in common with them, so I stopped going..  So I got to the point that I was so depressed with life and so lonely that I decided to go back to work, adult conversations and interaction with people again I was so ready…..

Its amazing how you think one thing or that what you think you want but when you actually get to do it like be a stay at home mom you find out its not all that’s cracked up to be.. so for me I was ready to go back to work!

Then we had our daughter, we got so use to the money from me working that then there was no way I could be a stay a home mom, so back to work I went very quickly after having her, and at the time I was okay with that. Looking back at my life I wish I would have given my daughter a little more mom and me time before going back to work.

8 years later we are now at the present day, I work a full time job and take about 30hrs of call time on my days off. I work 3 12 hr shifts and work every other weekend.  We have gotten so wrapped up in life that I think there are times we forget about what is important. If money wasn’t a option I would love to be that stay at home mom that I use to long to be or not longed to be depending on the day way way back when.

I look at stay at home moms now and I can’t help but be jealous. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB.. I love what I do and the people I get to help everyday. But there are times where I would give anything to just be a stay at home mom again and be able to have time off with my kids and do all the fun craft stuff that I love to do…..  To be able to have weekends, holidays weekdays off it would be amazing. But then there is the money aspect of life and for our family that just isn’t possible.

To see the moms be room parents and help at the school and to be the mom that has all the fun treats, I want that more and more. As I know my kids are getting older and that in the not so near future they will not want me to be all that involved in there life. But I also know that we have made a life using both of our incomes to live and that being a stay at home mom is in no way shape or for a option.

So I work, I love my work, I love everything about it and I couldn’t ever see my self in a different area then where I do work. To me I dreamed of being a ER nurse and every aspect of this job I love. but there are things like any other job that I would love to change… I work every other weekend and every other holiday and I get to see my kids face through pictures that my husband post on Facebook during my lunch break. It tares my heart to know that I have to miss moments in there life but that’s what happens when you are a nurse. People don’t stop getting sick – just because its a holiday. We are open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, missing my family is a price we pay for being a nurse and caring for people. So the next time you go to a ER you start seeing a nurse getting yelled at because we are not fast enough for you – or we don’t get you back to see a doctor soon enough, remember this…. If it wasn’t for nurses LOVING WHAT WE DO and giving up time with there family you wouldn’t be able to be seen at all and the 30 min wait you just had would be more like 48hrs until Monday when the office opens.  We are here to care for you and do our best to make you feel better – we however are not here to be your punching bag of insults and rudeness…  Because trust me – we all would love to be with our families during holidays and birthdays and weekends then to be at work taking care of rude people…. My point to this is to have compassion and kindness in your heart when you come to get help…. Trust us we know you don’t feel good and you think that your emergency is more important then the person in front of you and we will do our best to make sure that we give you the same urgency and care that we gave the person in front of you, but just remember you don’t truly know the whole story to the person right in front of you. There are reasons why we bring people back first and its not because we like them more, its because we feel they might need a little more help then some of the others that walk in, but trust me on one thing… No matter where you walk in we will do our best to get to you ASAP.

But enough about my pitty pot soap box of the day.  Just think about the Soldiers who are on deployment who don’t get to have every other weekend off or every other holiday off – they don’t get any of that – they are lucky to be able to have Skype working long enough for it to connect and talk to there family.  They give up there lives for us – not just a weekend or a holiday they give up everyday when they are deployed. I at least get to go home and hug my kids and tell them how much I love them. They only get to hug there kids when and if they make it home. I am blessed by so many people who have chosen to give up there life to make mine better. Thank you to the Men and Women who have chosen to give up so much so I can still go home to my family tonight. I could never tell you THANK YOU ENOUGH…



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