Making a Pallet Bench DIY

OMG! So I started this kick of making things.. I have found a true joy in making things with my hands. I love looking at things that people have made and doing my own spin on it, or taking 2 and put them into one.. You know I like it but I don’t love it concept.. So I take the “what I love” from this project and that project and then make my own.

With that said.. Here are some projects that I have been working on..

Project 1 my biggest project to date.. I made a pallet bench.. 20150629_124815

So of coarse all of my stuff pretty much comes off of Pinterest or Etsy..  So here is the line where I found the basic DIY plans for making my pallet Bench  ->>>> Pallet Bench. 

My DIY Pallet Bench plans was to take pictures as I go and show you step by step on how to make it, the errors I learned and things I would so do differently next time…. But I was so excited to make it that I forgot to take pictures. oh well, I will do it with the next one I make.

So the other day I thought it was time to part with it and sell it so I decided to stain it. 11756846_10205832460262949_1425188639_o So here it is stained and ready to go into someone yard. If I had to do over, I don’t think I would stain it.. I think I would just do a clear protective coat on it and then leave it natural color.

Then the thought came up is well how much do I sell this beautiful pallet bench for.. I had no clue.. I researched some others that I have seen made and I think because I will not ship it.. ( unless someone wants to pay for it shipped) I will sell this beautiful bench for $100.00 – Now its time to wait and see if this is something someone would love to own in there yard..

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