Journey Continues

The Journey of weight loss is something that I think I will always be on. No matter how big or how small I am I will continue to work on my weight. Its the one thing I know I will always struggle with. God has given people such great talent to create and make great food that it makes it so hard to say no. But I have learned that it is possible. The only problem I have ran in to is when I do say No I think about it and I think about I think about what it could taste like or what the deliciousness is in my mouth and I do get a little sad or feel a little deprived but that only last a minute and then all of that is gone and I move on. Because for me I think about that is so many calories that are not going into my body.

I am as of today down 6lbs, I was down 10 lbs but I went on a mini vacation and took my kids to Great wolf Lodge and well ate some good pizza and tacos so I gained a couple pounds back. But for me that okay – because I know starting tomorrow I will get back on that horse and do it again and every time I have a day that I fall off I will do I again and again. Nothing is going to stop me from trying to loose the extra weight I carry and I will always fight for the body I want.

So today I will say no to large portions and high fat foods and TODAY I will fight for the “Holy Hell You Got Hot” moment…

?????? Is will you join me in this moment??????

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