Wood Stain and H2O Does Not Play Well Together..

I have been busy working away in the garage now that the weather is slowly cooling down and its not 150 degrees in the garage.  With Christmas quickly approaching and my first ever craft fair. I have been searching and searching Pinterest to find that perfect project to start working on. I came across this blog about wood word blocks and I got a idea… Yeah that doesn’t look so hard I can totally do this.. So here is the link…

Christmas Block Inspiration

Christmas Block Inspiration – place #2

I think though well I could do a couple at a time , I cut all my pieces like the website said and did a couple different ones on my own.. Being creative with my cuts..



Since I decided to do a 3 different once I pulled out my favorite stain.. During this time I realized that I didn’t have so much stain left so I thought (“if I add water to paint it thins it out and I get a little more paint, not as dark but it still works, so I thought if add water to the stain then it would thin it out and I would get more stain- Right.. Wrong!!!!”)




What you don’t see is that awful oil spill looking stain that is now floating on top of that water because it did NOT mix… Oh what a mess did this make… So I thought I can’t let all this go to waste so I tried to use it..

It was so awful.. It was such a mess and since I couldn’t get it to mix the wood only stained where the stain touched. So half the wood got stained while to other half just got wet..

I worked and worked and worked to try and get my wood to stain. Finally after about 3 hrs of flipping wood I got just enough on the wood to be happy with it.. But it was such a waste of my day and my stain..


They are not as dark as what I was hopping for but at least I was able to get it done and not waste the little bit of stain that I had.. Next time I will go back to the normal way of staining and wipe them down.




Over all I learned some great valuable lessons.. Do not in anyway shape or form mix water and stain together thinking that it will thin out.. WRONG!!!! All it does is make a oil slick of stain…  Now on to making my word blocks..

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