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Hey Yall,  For those who follow me – I have lots of stuff that I am part of but what most don’t know is that I do hair. I love doing hair, I have done hair since I was 17 and did hair for 13 year straight before going to nursing school. So now I do hair out of my house. I am to the point that I would love to advertise to my friends that I can do there hair out of my house (AKA – my garage ) . So with that said – I have decided to do a contest.. The winner of this contest will get a free Partial Highlights or a all over color ( shoulder length and shorter is free – additional price for extra long hair)

Rules –

  1. Only 2 entries per person
  2. Please comment below what you would like to name it.
  3. I would love to have both or all of the loves of my life added to the name ( so nursing with fire with ems with hair and motorcycle)
  4. the funnier the better..
  5.  If you have a idea on graphics for a business I would love to see it or hear from you too..
  6.  The more unique the better – I would love to have a unique name, one that hasn’t been done 50 thousand times.



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