Life Lessons – Blabbing

Do you ever wonder about Life? I mean not the meaning of life but why are some people one way and why are some another way. Don’t get me wrong I get it.. If we where all the same then we would be robots. But lets talk about life and people..

So for me I have a mouth and a lot of times my mouth gets me in trouble.. Its not that I cuss or anything like that but I just don’t know when to shut up sometimes. I repeat what others have told me when I think its funny just to find out that someone thought it was mean and then they blame me for it.. and yes I did say it but I repeated it and it didn’t even come from my brain and when I said it I even quoted the person who I heard it from. But that’s not what people hear.. They hear me saying it……… Not the quote or anything that went along with the conversation just the one little part they chose to hear coming out of my mouth. Or they only ease drop on a part of the conversation and the little bite that they heard they now run with it…  They now have a part of a conversation that sounded like I was mean but in reality if they heard the whole conversation then they would have found out I was NOT being mean I was truly being nice. Then that person tells the person it was about what little they heard or what they wanted to hear and made there feelings get hurt.. Which was NEVER my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.. I am FAR from perfect but I try my hardest to I never purposely sets out to hurt someone else. I have had enough hurt in my life that I would not EVER want that for someone else NO MATTER WHAT.  But my question is WHY – Even if you heard me say something mean about someone why spread it or tell that person.. If I came to you and told you what mean things others say about you I’m sorry but your feelings would get hurt to.. But once again I”M not like that.. People need time to vent and just because you are frustrated with them today doesn’t mean that’s how you feel. But that also doesn’t give anyone permission to just go blab there mouth and tell other people what was said about them. Keep it to YOUR SELF…  Because one day it will come bite you in the ASS and its gonna hurt.. I know my feelings got hurt and now I’m down 2 friends because of it… My mouth is closed….

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