If anyone has been following me they know my huge issue with my weight. With the help of Pampered Chef learning how to cook different with tools that make it easier and with lots of research and trial and error I have learned to change how I look at food. I do LOVE food, I love everything about food. The way it taste, smells, looks, even then way it makes me feel. Food is like cocaine to me – HOWEVER food should not revolve around me or my life. This hands down has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to figure out and I still struggle every day with it. I have done so many fad diets that I just wanted a life style change. I started low carb – but no KETO low carb just cut out bread, pasta, Fried food anything that I could look at and say Yeah not the healthiest option, but I still ate fruit and veggies – NO MATTER WHAT KIND, as I felt this is healthy food (and it is don’t get me wrong). But then I plateaued and I was pissed 1 month turned into 2 months and so on, I went from Low carb to low fat then to extreme low calorie (NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR ME), then back to low fat, Then I watched a video on KETOGENIC and decided to give it a shot. I started to use a Keto app called Carb Manager and getting lots of recipes from fellow bloggers. I figured this might help get over my 8th month plateau. I’m still frustrated but now I am making a changes. With my new Keto lifestyle and my new workout routine I hope that I will be able to get over this because I am NOT planning on gaining any ounce of the weight that I have lost back. NO SURGERY just Diet and exercise (YES I SAID THAT AWFUL WORD) But let’s be real you can’t expect to sit on your butt and lose weight for very long. Eventually you will plateau and you need to wake your body up.

So lets talk about that – The big E word – EXERCISE!  I started off doing something I loved DANCE. I have always loved to dance and I found Zumba.  3 of us girls would get together and work out. It was so much fun then one dropped and then the other one and then there was just me… BORING – who wants to workout by themselves. I hated it. So I slowly stopped. Then summer hit and the pool opened and I was back doing something else I loved Swimming. I figured if I’m moving I’m burning calories ( which you are) but I wasn’t burning enough for the calories I was eating so I gain back almost 10lbs – I was devastated and frustrated in my self and my poor husband got the blunt of it. (it was not the best month of my married – but it was my fault). Then a friend asked if she could come work out – I was so happy and excited that a friend wanted to come join me. So that gave me motivation to start butt kicking again however she tried her hardest at Zumba but does not have the best coordination. So one day I said lets go for a run (walking really fast). I found that I loved it and I didn’t need someone there to keep me company. Mind you the company is oh so very nice but I could turn on my music and just walk. So off the 10lbs goes and I’m back to where I was.. STUCK. But now I found something that I love to do – NEVER in a million years would I think that I like to run ( WOGGLE – Walking Jogging) but I DO. I push my self to go do at least 2 miles everyday. I haven’t lost any more weight but that’s okay because at least I’m not gaining weight. I would love to see the scale 1 day under 200 and I know I will get there, It just might take me longer then I wanted.

What exercise do you love? Have you found one or many that you might love? Whats stopping you from just getting up off the couch and move? Do you have limitation? I want to hear from you!


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