Silhouette Projects

My life today has been one Silhouette project after another.. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I love everything about it, there is so much things you can do with it. Today I made a sign for my kitchen, one for my front porch and one for my living room. I did a lot of looking into the Silhouette before I bought one as there was 2 options, for those who don’t know the big named ones out there are Silhouette or Cricket. There was several things about the Silhouette that I liked. For instance I could take any image and make it a cut file, which I liked as I had a specific idea of a image I wanted to make for a pallet project I wanted to do. Which I couldn’t do with a Cricket – so I bought a Silhouette.. I wanted to find one that had the most extras for the least amount of money but also a trusted site. I honestly couldn’t tell you where I ordered it from.

So back to the projects of the day… I am very patient when it comes to finding the right one I want to do.. There are so many out there I have to wait tell one jumps out and says ” THIS ONE YOU IDIOT!!!!”


I got the tray from Walmart for $4.00 and came home and stained the wood with my good old favorite Walnut.. Then I used a cut file I got and stenciled on with Antique acrylic paint..  I am not a huge fan of the look of Vinyl – I use it don’t get me wrong but there is a time and a place for shinny vinyl and this project is just not one of them.



Then there was this monster of a sign.. About a month ago I wanted to paint a sunflower so I watched a couple videos and this is what I got. I wasn’t sure at the time what I wanted to put on it – My thought was something to do with spring and then today the WELCOME jumped out and said “idiot put this on the sign” So with some research this is what I got.. It is now sitting on my front porch..




It was very time consuming – I got the mirror at a garage sale last year for I think a dollar and its been sitting in my garage for some time now – trying different ideas on what to do with it. So as I was searching my cut files on the Silhouette program on my computer I ran across a dandelion. I love dandelions and I was just telling my family as we where putting weed killer on the ground that I think they are more then just a weed that they are a bunch of little wishes.. My husband said “yeah annoying wishes that spread like crazy..” so when I found this cut file I knew that this is the one for me and I had just the perfect spot for it..


I have done a lot of different little signs and you can see all of them at L&L Designs  but I would have to say that this is my all time favorite. Do you have a favorite quote or sign that you would like to share?

Wood Stain and H2O Does Not Play Well Together..

I have been busy working away in the garage now that the weather is slowly cooling down and its not 150 degrees in the garage.  With Christmas quickly approaching and my first ever craft fair. I have been searching and searching Pinterest to find that perfect project to start working on. I came across this blog about wood word blocks and I got a idea… Yeah that doesn’t look so hard I can totally do this.. So here is the link…

Christmas Block Inspiration

Christmas Block Inspiration – place #2

I think though well I could do a couple at a time , I cut all my pieces like the website said and did a couple different ones on my own.. Being creative with my cuts..



Since I decided to do a 3 different once I pulled out my favorite stain.. During this time I realized that I didn’t have so much stain left so I thought (“if I add water to paint it thins it out and I get a little more paint, not as dark but it still works, so I thought if add water to the stain then it would thin it out and I would get more stain- Right.. Wrong!!!!”)




What you don’t see is that awful oil spill looking stain that is now floating on top of that water because it did NOT mix… Oh what a mess did this make… So I thought I can’t let all this go to waste so I tried to use it..

It was so awful.. It was such a mess and since I couldn’t get it to mix the wood only stained where the stain touched. So half the wood got stained while to other half just got wet..

I worked and worked and worked to try and get my wood to stain. Finally after about 3 hrs of flipping wood I got just enough on the wood to be happy with it.. But it was such a waste of my day and my stain..


They are not as dark as what I was hopping for but at least I was able to get it done and not waste the little bit of stain that I had.. Next time I will go back to the normal way of staining and wipe them down.




Over all I learned some great valuable lessons.. Do not in anyway shape or form mix water and stain together thinking that it will thin out.. WRONG!!!! All it does is make a oil slick of stain…  Now on to making my word blocks..

Making a Pallet Bench DIY

OMG! So I started this kick of making things.. I have found a true joy in making things with my hands. I love looking at things that people have made and doing my own spin on it, or taking 2 and put them into one.. You know I like it but I don’t love it concept.. So I take the “what I love” from this project and that project and then make my own.

With that said.. Here are some projects that I have been working on..

Project 1 my biggest project to date.. I made a pallet bench.. 20150629_124815

So of coarse all of my stuff pretty much comes off of Pinterest or Etsy..  So here is the line where I found the basic DIY plans for making my pallet Bench  ->>>> Pallet Bench. 

My DIY Pallet Bench plans was to take pictures as I go and show you step by step on how to make it, the errors I learned and things I would so do differently next time…. But I was so excited to make it that I forgot to take pictures. oh well, I will do it with the next one I make.

So the other day I thought it was time to part with it and sell it so I decided to stain it. 11756846_10205832460262949_1425188639_o So here it is stained and ready to go into someone yard. If I had to do over, I don’t think I would stain it.. I think I would just do a clear protective coat on it and then leave it natural color.

Then the thought came up is well how much do I sell this beautiful pallet bench for.. I had no clue.. I researched some others that I have seen made and I think because I will not ship it.. ( unless someone wants to pay for it shipped) I will sell this beautiful bench for $100.00 – Now its time to wait and see if this is something someone would love to own in there yard..

4th of July – Wood Sign

As most of you know I love most anything vintage or rustic looking. I have even fallen in love with some industrial items. One of the most fabulous things that I have learned about myself is that I defiantly love to make all of these things. So my friend Lacey and I decided that we where going to make some. Our first go at it together we decided to make a 4th of July sign.

20150602_214527   So here is the first sign we did.. I love it and I don’t think its to shabby.

I also decided that we should do one with white letters just to see which one I like better and while we worked on sign number 2 I thought I should share with you are adventure and DIY if you ever want to make one yourself. Also we have decided that we would be willing to sell them if you feel like buying it instead of making one. You can email me and I will get back with you ASAP…

Steps to make your own 4th of July Sign.




Safety First – Gotta put on those safety classes.



20150602_215754 20150602_215722 Start with 3 pieces of wood (you may need to cut them to length. Hence the safety glasses)




Then its time to screw the back on. One screw for each board – you want to make sure that the screws do NOT go through the front of the board sign.


20150602_220254Time to paint and write you words, after it all drys I sand it a little (in some spots a lot) so it looks distressed and not so new.  I got vinyl letters from walmart. Painted the boards all white put the vinyl letters on then painted over the letters with the correct color of the board. Once dried – time to peel off the vinyl letters.


20150602_220657Then its time to add some pretties – I got a bag of wood stars and painted them. The bag of stars came in 3 sizes. In this photo there is the large ( Red Star) and small star (Blue), I then sanded them too, so they looked a little rough.




HERE IS THE FINAL RESULT…  LOVE LOVE LOVE How it turned out.. What do you think??

Industrial Bathroom Shelf

As you all know I have been working on making a industrial shelf for the bathroom. I have had some people ask me how much did it cost me to make this shelf, So I thought since I forgot to post it in Post 1 about making this shelf that I would include it in this post. So to make this shelf cost less then $20.00. It would have even cost less then $10.00 but I had to buy some items like goo gone and oil rubbed spray paint. My first post was about getting all those stupid sticky ooey gooey stickers off the pipes. Here is a picture of the stickers they put on the pipes.


If you choose not to leave it the natural color you buy you can spray paint it, For me I wanted it a Oiled Rubbed Bronze color – so I first put it all together to make sure that all I had everything I needed.


Then on to spray painting it – I hung a wire up between 2 post then just hung it on the wire – that way I could get to all sides of it and didn’t have to touch it. 20150518_174222

While it is drying I start on my boards – You want to cut or find 2 boards that you want to use. I was lucky enough that I found 2 boards the length I wanted in the cheep wood pile at Menards, they also had 1 side already sanded and ready to stain. I did however sand the underside of them, just to make them a little smoother and more appealing to the eye if you where to ever look at the underside of the shelf.  I chose the color Special Walnut for my boards.

20150518_164642 20150518_172103

I like my wood dark but not to dark where it doesn’t let the light parts of the wood show through. Once it dries then I cut whole it in. I measured where the pipes where to where you want your wood shelf to sit. If I where to make this again, I do cut my holes first then stain. As I had to re-stain parts of the wood after I cut the holes in the wood.

Once everything dries it time to assemble –

20150525_101438 20150525_101524

Once Everything is level and back together it is time to hang on the wall. Please don’t make fun of  the ugly wallpaper in my bathroom, as I am still working on removing all the wallpaper in the house and this is my last room I’m doing.   Here it is – The Finish product. My sweet husband thought I should take a picture of it with stuff on it so you get the full effect of the shelf..


????  Got Questions ???? 

Leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Bathroom Industrial Metal Shelf


So I have decided to make this bathroom industrial metal shelf – I went to Menards and found all the pieces for about 20 dollars. I am now in the process of sitting here on the floor for 2 hours taking goof off to the stupid stickers that they put on all of the little pieces of metal. It not just a basic sticker, Oh no – its packing tape that they wrapped around the hole tube along with a self stick price sticker.. Like the sticker wasn’t stuck enough. There is so much ooey & gooey sticky mess on these pipes its ridicules. So my question to you all is have you ever had to remove these stickers? If so what did you find worked the best? Also when you buy pipe like this do you go to your local hardware store or do you order from some place online and pay for the shipping? ( Wish I would have thought about taking a picture while I was sitting on the carpet scrubbing the pipes – oh well there is always next time and trust me there will be a next time.)

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