Update to Christmas Eve Food

Well like I said I would update you all on the food that we tried on Christmas eve…  So here is the low down….. The ham and swiss rolls where amazing, I loved them my husband on the other hand not so much.

The meatballs where awesome – I ended up making 2 different kinds. 1 was the bbq meatballs it was just okay.. The 2nd one was the chili sauce and grape jelly… I was AMAZING…

The bacon wrapped little smokes where awesome too..

The mozzarella and tomato with fresh basil – was a hit with me but not so much with anyone else.. Thats okay.. More for me.. =)



This is the only Christmas crack that I tried to make..  Christmas Crack I did it exactly how it said and for some reason mine came out very sticky.. Oh well it was still yummy…




These are little shortbread cookies called Jingle Bites. Super easy and yummy.. And great for kids to make.. This is my daughter holding her plate of Jingle Bites that she made..  This is where I got the recipe for the  Jingle Bites




This is what the ham and cheese pinwheels turned out, before I cooked them.. I was so exited to eat them that I forgot to take a picture of them.. Yummy..

Christmas Eve 2015

I went to bed last night with the thought that I would sleep in and wake up refreshed.. Well of course just like normal my body had other options. 5 am and I am laying in bed wide awake thinking about the food that I need to start making. So I thought today would be a great day to share what I am going to once again attempt at making. So today I will be making ham pinwheels that are baked and the covered in some kind of mustered honey sauce with poppi seed..  then I will make a couple different kinds of meatballs. One is a chili sauce and grape jelly.. I have never made that so I thought it would be a good recipe to try. Then little smokes wrapped in bacon and last but never least some teriyaki wings.

When it comes to food my life has been about trying new recipes I find on Pinterest most fail and I should really right a post about all the Pinterest fails I have had. I might make some of you laugh.

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies – I used the bottom recipe – which is a stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar

Ham and Swiss Roll Ups  – I went to this site and followed there directions.

Meatballs with chili sauce and grape Jelly – I only used the Chili sauce and grape jelly proportion ratio off this site.

Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Salad  – This is my version of it. I would have to say it looks very very yummy, but who am I to judge this is my all time favorite thing to eat. I could just say it went bad and eat it now.. But I will be a good girl and not do that. 12435310_10206741902038425_406521483_o (1)

So here are some of the recipes that I will follow today.  Hope you enjoy cooking.. and I hope that each and everyone of you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, fantastic New Year…. See you all in 2016.

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