My Body – Your Body

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. I honestly just forgot about trying to post every month and I just felt that I didn’t have anything important to talk about. One of my best friend “A” always seems to have something to say. Every morning she has coffee thoughts and has a statement or has a opinion about something that is going on in this world. But for me I always have lots of thoughts going on in my head but most of them I don’t feel I should share and when I do share it then I wish there I could go back and delete it or erase it.

So….. Here you go…. Why is it so hard to accept who we are.. Why is it so hard to love the body we are in.. I for one is one of the worst critics that you can find about my self. I know that I am very hard on my self and I never seem to love anything about me (besides my eyes, I have always loved my eyes) But for me I want more then just my eyes.. I want my smile, my boobs, my thighs, my stomach.,….. The list is endless of things that I would love to love about my body, and for those skinny girls out there that I so wish I could look like, they too have body issues and things about there body that they don’t like too. Its not just about how big or how small you all. WE ALL HAVE BODY IMAGE ISSUES..

People say that it has to do with the media and what they show is beautiful but I don’t really think that is all true.. I think people have an idea of what they love. My husband for one is a man who loves bigger girls. Yes just like any man he thinks that a skinnier girl lets say Angelina Jolie is beautiful but he says he wouldn’t want to have sex with her as it would be like having sex with a hard piece of wood. There is nothing to her and he said that he would be worried that he would break her as he is a bigger guy.  So then why? Why if you have some men that love bigger girls and some love smaller girls why is it that so many woman have body issues and do guys have body issues too? Do guys think about there body and there weight as a female does? Is it because they guys we find attractive doesn’t find us attractive? or that the men that find us attractive we aren’t that hot for?.. or is it really the media and TV and what they portray as sexy. Do we want all the men in the world to find us so attractive that we are willing to put are bodies through so much crap just to feel good about our self.

SO WHAT DO YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE? Are you a fluffy lover? a skinny lover? a muscler person? tall, short, bald, hair? all of these options are there? and does it go beyond looks.. Do you first look at someone and then they get better or worse the more you know them or if you find out they have money or no money does that change how attractive you find them?

I for one have a handsome man who the first time I saw him come out of a shower made my heart skip a beat and over the past 11 years though weight gain and weight loss, and more grey hair that I could ever count – I find him more attractive then I have ever have ( especially when he is all shaved and showered and smell oh so good ) When he takes me in his big arms and uses his muscles to pick me up ) to me he is more then just looks – he is the whole package, and for me that’s what I like. I want the whole package. I didn’t want a guy just on looks alone – I wanted a guy that had it all. Looks, brains, compassion, and a little muscle.

What kind of person do you have? what is there best qualities?

If you don’t have someone – then what are you looking for in that everlasting love?


Nerf Party 2016

2016 has started off pretty well.. Tonight I am celebrating my sons 10th birthday – He has 4 friends spending the night and right now they are having a Nerf gun fight in the basement. I hung plastic table clothes up from the ceiling that way they had hiding spots and we put a extra table down stairs so they have more to hide under and around. So far it seems like a hit.

1674_10208012603533765_8610886758237847984_n 1509895_10208012603333760_7532175371665330461_n

Boys will be boys – Having fun shooting each other..







Hiding behind the curtain trying not to be shot by the hundreds of bullets flying in the air..

My Very First Blog/Post

Lori’s Little Bits Blog was created on a rainy night in May 2015. I have always wanted to have a blog – honestly for year but I have always thought that no one would ever want to read about what I have to say. So tonight John (my husband) and I were talking and I just happen to finally mention this life thought of mine and he said why not. So I thought ok! Lets make a blog. Who care if no one ever reads it, but what if, what if one person stumbles across this blog and decides to read it and if they find one helpful thought or topic or story in your blog that has made their life better, don’t you think that its worth it.

So today I made my first blog, and you know it was kinda fun and made me feel accomplished. The hardest part of doing a blog is what to name it. I told John that I wanted to call it, Motorcycle loven tattooed crafty nurse mom, But John said that was to long of a name for someone to remember, so I went and read another persons blog about figuring out a name for your blog, and after reading it, the biggest thing it talked about was what do you want your blog to say about you. What does it mean and stand for, Well my blog is about me, my wonderful family and all the little bits that make the world go around and of course the little bits of advice I can give along the way. So Lori’s Little Bits was born.

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