Each MAY Pampered Chef has been partnering with the American Cancer Society® (ACS) since 2000. Together, we’ve contributed over $12.1 million and counting! Pampered Chef offer exclusive products that contribute to the ACS’s breast cancer education and early detection programs.

For each product sold during May, $1 will be contributed to the ACS to help their education and early detection programs.

Join me in Helping raise money for BREAST CANCER by going to my link and ordering one or all of these great products.

Pampered Chef

I am super super excited to announce my new business  that I have started. I am now a fantastic Pampered Chef Consultant – Your personal Pampered Chef lady to help make dinner great again and bring families back around the kitchen table. I have worked hard with my own family to do this and now that we have that down I am working to make other family take time for each other and sit and eat dinner or breakfast or even lunch around that table again. Health Meals for a healthy Family. 

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