A Rough Spot In Life

First off let me tell you that life sometimes is rough, not just a little rough where your just having a bad day… But a I don’t want to be a adult rough… I’m not saying that my life is rougher then someone else, we just have different life situations and everyone interprets their roughness differently. Some feel that a death of a loved one is rough while some feel that it is a catastrophic event. Another example is some people wake up have find they are out of coffee or their favorite creamer they say that’s rough.. Where some just shrug their shoulders and leave 15 min earlier to stop at a coffee place. Everyone interprets things that happen in their life differently and everyone calls it something. Heck I have even called things that have happened in my life all sorts of things.. But right now I’m calling it a rough patch.

So lets talk about life situations that you think you want to happen…. So what makes us want something so bad, what makes the item you are after consume your whole body and thought process. Does this happen to everyone? Do you wake up thinking about it.. Going to bed thinking about it. Analyzing it to make sure that this is what you want… and then coming to the conclusion that you are okay with what ever happens..  Then when you find out that you don’t get it…. You feel empty and kinda lost.. Like what now…. How do you continue in the same spot when people look at you like a failure cause you didn’t get it.. Or maybe they don’t look at you like that at all, Maybe that’s how you look at your self..

Do you stand their and look in the mirror saying I’m a amazing _____( fill the blank in with what works for you, such as friend, mom, lady, man, dad,, mechanic, attorney,  nurse, teacher, coworker, excetera excetera)  but I’m a failure for not getting what I was after. So you try to continue on.. You try to understand what has happened and you try to move and and keep going.. Cause through it all, even with the failure you find that this isn’t going to stop you.. That you are a strong person and that it might look at a failure right now but it some how, and some way will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. So here are some of the best quotes that I have found for the night, for some reason these really hit home and touched my heart… I know I can’t really explain it and I wish that I could explain it to you all but for some reason I can’t explain it.

Be-Yourself-god-made-you-for-reason-quote-picture-life-quotes-pics-image Bible-Quotes-147 dear-god-if-today-i-lost-my-hope-138 large Sometimes-Our-Plans-Dont-Work-Out


The MOST important thing that you need to remember when you are going through a rough patch is to be GRATEFUL.  No matter how rough the situation is or how much of a failure I think I am for not getting what I was after, I am still grateful and blessed with what I have and the things I do have going for me. Something I feel people forget about and I feel its a very important thing to remember.

I just have those moments in my life and in my head is what I am doing enough. Do the people around me still think that I’m doing a great job.. Not that I need a pat on the back or anything like that but it would be great to know that I do a great job in moments when you feel like a failure. All I know is that if I was a different person I would handle this situation a little different and be a little kinder to the ones who you make feel like a failure.

All I do know is I hate feeling like this.. I hate felling like I’m a failure, I hate feeling like I am not doing good enough and that it I’m just a sitting time bomb before they take what I have worked so hard for to this point in my life away. I pray that anyone reading this never feels this way and that if by chance you have a rough spot in your life that God shows you why he is haven’t you go through this quicker then he is showing me.

Words I need to remember

” Even if you feel like a failure now..

God has a reason for not giving you what you where after,

and remember to be Grateful for what you do have”

(Lori G)

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