Weight Loss – THM

For those who follow me, read my Facebook, Instagram and any other online media things. You all know that I am always trying new fad diets or weight loss techniques.. I do good for quite some time then… Back to the drawing board with no luck.. I am how ever convinced that I can loose weight and do this with out any surgeries. I have tried Weight watcher, Adkins, Advocare, ACGC, and Various other Low fat, low carb,  Low this , low that fad diets…

So now I’m gonna try Trim Healthy Mama (THM) – I have done alot of research and reading what others have to say about it so I hope that this is something that will work for us.. John ( my dear sweet husband) has stood by me through it all and has been there supporting me and even doing some of them with me.. So tonight was the night I was going to tell him about it.. And once again he stood there and again say “what ever you want honey, I will try anything with you if it makes you happy”. What a great husband he is.. So I ordered my books and now the wait for the books to come to read them…………..

More info to come once the books come and I get a chance to read the whole book……


Update on my weight loss – I am now at 275lbs Whoop whoop

Down 18lbs

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